Where to go Fly Fishing near Boca Paila?

Saltwater fly fishing is getting very popular today, and it seems that there is more than one good reason for that. For instance, people use it for all the health benefits that this activity brings; this form of fishing is good for those who want to fight stress.

It’s also good for the cardiovascular system. Also, saltwater fly fishing is an activity that can help you explore exciting new places like Boca Paila and the area around it for example.

Boca Paila is a very narrow peninsula that separates Boca Paila Lagoon from the Caribbean Sea. There are many places on this peninsula and close to it that provide excellent fly fishing opportunities.

What are the best Fly Fishing locations in Boca Paila?

Patrick on a hot day in Boca Paila with his catch.

The truth is that this area blesses with many outstanding fly fishing locations, but most people will agree that Cozumel is the best fly fishing location near Boca Paila. It is an island which means that there is more than one place where you can go for this purpose.

Cozumel Island is situated about 50 miles northeast of Boca Paila, and it is a well-known fly fishing destination. Of course, this island is famous for many other activities too which is why it’s visited by thousands of tourists every year.

What types of fish will you catch in this location?

When it comes to fly fishing in Cozumel, the most commonly found fish here is the bonefish. Experienced anglers often say that the northern and northwestern parts of the island are the real heaven for fly fishing as well as for bonefishing.

There are several flats lagoons where you can find tons of bonefish that are always looking for food. We are talking about shallow lakes which mean that they are perfect for fly fishing. Bonefish are available 365 days a year. There are some other fish in Cozumel too, but they are usually available depending on the season.

Funny Margaret in Boca Paila with her tour guide and family fishing.

For example, between March and September, you can find some vast permits that weight 20 lbs or even more. It is also possible to catch some beautiful baby snook fish as well as some triggerfish, snappers, and barracudas. During the best period of the year, it is not uncommon to find useful baby tarpon.

Why do you need a Guide for Fly Fishing in Boca Paila?

If you have never practiced fly fishing before, you don’t have to worry because Cozumel, as one of the best fly fishing locations near Boca Paila is suitable for first-timers too. Many expert fly fishing guides near playa can help you how to do it correctly. There are private and group fly fishing charters.

It is possible to rent fly fishing equipment, hire a guide and rent a boat. So, all it takes for this fly fishing tour in Cozumel is a long-sleeved shirt, a hat, and some sunglasses. There is no doubt that Cozumel is the best location near Boca Paila for fly fishing and complete beginners can equally enjoy it and fly fishing veterans.