If you've never been fly fishing before and want to try it or you're a veteran of the sport – then this is for YOU …

Get Ready For The Fly Fishing Experience Of A Lifetime!


Read on to discover how to make your fishing pals green with envy as you enjoy fishing in one of the best spots on the planet, equipped with the world's best fishing tackle and supported by the most experienced fly fishing guides in the area...

Dear Fellow Fly Fisher … as a fly fishing enthusiast, are you aware you're close to one of the best fly fishing areas in the world?

These are located in three beautiful lagoons, on the island of Cozumel, lying a short distance off the Mayan Riviera coast.

And the even better news is this: a half-hour ferry ride from Playa del Carmen brings you right to where you can begin the finest fly fishing adventure you'll probably ever enjoy.

Hello … I'm Adolfo Vazquez and I've been fly fishing on Cozumel for forty years. And, for thirty-six of those years I, along with my team, some of whom are family members, have been making sure our VIP guests enjoy the very best day's fishing they've ever experienced.

Just as we did for Bill and Steve from Texas...

Bill catched a 10 pound bonefish

Bill & Steve Vallone

Mesquite, Texas


Thank you truly for the fantastic adventure. Your expert guidance helped us bring in the best tarpon we've ever caught and those crazy jumpers really put on a great show.

December 2018

As you probably know, Tarpons are pretty elusive, but we have our fair share in the Flats of Cozumel. In fact, our lagoons teem with fish all year round - unlike some areas of the Caribbean.

And we add a further dimension to your pleasure by supplying Orvis and Sage fishing tackle. So, if you haven't brought your own fishing equipment, you'll enjoy using these, as they are the very best you get your hands on and are a sheer joy to use.

And there's something even more important that the best fishing tackle in the world and that's world class fishing guides – which we ALSO supply.

But don't just take my word for that. Read what two of our existing guests have taken the trouble to write. Many of our other guests are also like Robert and Theresa, returning time after time to fish our beautiful lagoons …

Tourist goes fly fishing in playa del carmen

Robert & Theresa Stanley

Chautauqua, New York


My wife and I have been fishing with Adolfo for nearly 12 years. He is such a terrific fishing guide on the flats with excellent knowledge of local conditions.

Every trip with "Chojon" has been memorable, and every year brings a new adventure.

December 2018

I mentioned earlier some members of my team are actually family: that is my youngest son and my oldest grandson. All told, our team has more than eighty years of experience between them, helping good folks, like you, get the best out of their fly fishing adventure.

So I can say - without fear of contradiction - we are, by far, the most experienced team of fly fishing guides in the whole of Cozumel.

So we will certainly make your day one you'll never forget.

Cruiser hires a flats fishing guide

Jeff Bostick

Healdsburg, California


I did want to say thank you and also how much we enjoyed our fishing recently -thanks to some excellent guiding and general advice!

We'll see you guys this summer when we get back there.

December 2018

And it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned fly fishing veteran or a complete rookie, because by being guided by my enthusiastic team means you'll be setting yourself up for a truly memorable day, packed with plenty of new insights into the fascinating business of fly fishing.

Traveler has a succesful bonefishing day in playa del carmen

Scott Peterson

Williamsburg, Virginia


Adolfo continues to introduce me to new spots of the flats on each visit and his knowledge extends beyond the standard fly patterns - he makes flies that bonefish want to eat!

December 2018

And for us fisher folk, few pleasures compare with a day pitting your wits against the fish. So just imagine the thrill of all, when your own skill is reinforced by superb high end fishing tackle and the priceless advice from my highly experienced team.

And just picture the high regard your fishing buddies, back home, will hold you in when you tell them about the ones that didn't get away – and then show them the photos as proof.

And here's a tiny taster of what your unique fishing experience will be like …

You'll feel the excitement rising as your ferry from Playa del Carmen docks at the Ferry Pier on the island of Cozumel, because you'll know you're just about to start a great day's fishing.

From the Ferry Pier it's just a gentle stroll of a couple of blocks in a straight line to the 'San Miguel Church', where we are waiting to greet you.

Than after a short ride, we arrive at the marina, where our tiny fleet of three boats is moored.

A short trip then brings us to our fishing grounds – the three beautiful lagoons of Paso Belem, Rio de la Plata and Monte Cristo, located in the north of the island.

Then, if you haven't brought your own fishing gear, you can enjoy using the world's finest fishing tackle by Orvis and Sage.

Our main target is Bonefish, which are plentiful all year round. And you can also catch Snook, baby Tarpon, and Permit, yearlong too. Although Permit are only for experienced anglers, as they can be quite a handful to catch!

Once you're all set, it won't be long before your guide alerts you that the fish are coming your way. Then, after a short battle, you'll get your day off to a flying start with the excitement of your first catch.

I hope you've brought your camera, because you're bound to want to show those envious folks back home your very first catch!

Before long, you'll be ready for a cold beer (or a soft drink or water) and, perhaps, a light snack, before you get down to pitting your wits against the fish, once again.

By the way, your drinks and snacks – as well as use of the Sage and Orvis fishing tackle and your fishing license, lures and expertly tied flies – are all included.

Meeting us to start your trip could not be simpler

We always meet at the 'San Miguel Church', a well known landmark in Cozumel's 'Downtown Square'.

  • Your ferry from Playa del Carmen will arrive at the Cozumel Ferry Pier. From there it's just a pleasant two block stroll in a straight line to the 'San Miguel Church', in 'Downtown Square'.
  • The staff at the ferry pier will be happy to tell you way or there will be plenty of taxis around, if you'd rather take a very short ride.

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll receive full directions with your Confirmation Email that will be instantly sent to you when you book your trip.

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen, the Ferry ride to Cozumel lasts 20 minutes, and costs only $6usd each way. Ferries depart every hour both ways starting at 7am until 11pm.

There will always be Taxis available early in the morning for you to get to the Ferry Pier. As every Hotel in Playa del Carmen or the Mayan Riviera has a taxi station with cabs available 24/7.

Taxi rides from most Hotels in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera to the Ferry Pier lasts 10-15 minutes, and cost in average $10 - $15 USD each way per taxi.

Here is your program for your Fly Fishing Trip in Cozumel …

  • Book your Fishing Trip for 8am.
  • Catch the 6:45am or 7am Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel.
  • You will be in Cozumel in just 20 to 25 minutes. And the ride costs $6usd each way. No need to buy round trip tickets.
  • Meet us two blocks down from the Ferry Pier at the San Miguel Church. Easy to find us, you´ll have directions in your Confirmation Email.
  • We´ll be in the flats in 20 more minutes, around 8am.
  • First we´ll wade the Flats for Bonefish. You´ll likely see large schools of 18 to 25 Bonefish each school. You will be fishing for Bonefish until around 11:30am.
  • Then we stop for lunch, and continue far inside the lagoons 'Laguna Montecristo' and 'Laguna Rio de la Plata'.
  • You will go after Snook and baby Tarpon from around 12pm (noon) until around 3pm or 4pm. You will be fishing from the boat during this time.
  • Finally, on our way back to the Marina, we´ll stop by a Bay Beach to target Permit.
  • This way you´ll have the chance to try your luck with 4 different species in one day of fishing.
  • Once we are back in town, we´ll drop you off directly at the Pier to catch your Ferry back to Playa del Carmen.

This is what makes this a fly fishing experience of a lifetime …

  • The chance to target 4 different species in 1 Fishing Trip: Bonefish, Snook, baby Tarpon, and Permit.
  • The most experienced team of fly fishing guides in the area, with a total of 80+ years of fly fishing guiding between them. What's more, we all speak excellent English.
  • The use of the world's finest fishing tackle (both fly and spin rods) from Sage and Orvis. Naturally, you're free to bring your own equipment, if you prefer.
  • You can choose from two different trip lengths: either 6 or 8 hours.
  • And you can choose when you want your trip to start: either 8.00.am or 9.00 am. NOTE: to allow for any possible delays, you need to depart from Playa del Carmen a full hour before the time of your trip (meaning you have to catch the 7.00 am ferry for the 8.00am trip, and the 8.00am ferry if you are meeting us at 9.00am)
  • Your fishing license, use of our top quality fishing tackle – and even those beers - are all included!
  • Two people get to go on the trip for the price quoted and if you want to bring more than one fishing pal along, then they get the trip for just $75 usd extra!

And you get all this – and much, MUCH more for just...

  • Our 6 hour trip is just $375 USD. This is based on two fly fishers, so, if you bring a friend or your spouse, you can split the cost between you. A third person will be most welcome for just another $75 usd.
  • The 8 hour trip is even better value at only $395 USD, based on two fly fishers. Bring your spouse or a pal and split the cost. A third person can come along for just $75 usd extra, making it even better value.
  • That includes all taxes and fees.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there´s bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

Why should the best in life be reserved for others?

Don't you deserve the very best, too?

So why should you settle for anything less than a life crammed with wonderful experiences, such as the wonderful fishing trip we have here?

So why ignore this opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy the highest possible degree of fly fishing success, using the best tackle in the world and being mentored by the very best team of fly fishing guides in the whole area, who only feel they've had a good day's fishing if YOU enjoy a superb day's fishing.

Bad news …

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I have to warn you. You see, we are a small, friendly family outfit, which is both our great strength and our one weakness.

On the one hand, we offer a personal service second to none, but it also means we only have three boats, so we have very few slots available.

And that might be okay, if we just catered for the good folks coming on the ferry from Playa del Carmen, but we don't.

You see – quite apart from the many folks vacationing right here on Cozumel island - there are about five cruise ships arriving here every single day of the week. And that adds up to about 20,000 cruise visitors disembarking every day.

Naturally many of these people are keen to take advantage of our superb fly fishing lagoons. And, of course, they all want to hire the very best crews.

Meaning our three boats get booked up pretty quickly.

I don't want you to miss out on a fishing trip of a lifetime, just because I failed to point out how severely limited our slots are.

But there is some good news: because you can check instantly to see if your preferred time and date are available. That's because our web based booking area, is constantly updated in real time, so you can see at a glance if the slot you want is still vacant.

So what would be a smart move for you, right now?

A. Book a trip with one of the other fishing guides.

OR …

B. Easily check to see if your preferred time and date is available with us. And then - if it is – instantly secure your place on the fishing trip of a lifetime, before someone else takes it.

You know you want to join us, so my team and I are looking forward eagerly to making your day as our VIP guest truly memorable.



Adolfo Vazquez
Chief fly fishing guide

P.S. Everything has a price. And, in our case, the limited slots we have available are the trade off for our legendary personal attention.

That means you should make your booking as soon as possible, otherwise you risk missing out on a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime.

P.P.S. I'll leave the last words to Charles from Ohio…

Charles smiles to the camera with his trophy tarpon fish

Charles Meyer

Marietta, Ohio


Thanks for the great time and many of your helpful hints...I hope to get back to Cozumel and I'll be certain to look you up again. By the way, those pictures you emailed me look awesome.

December 2018